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Leyva speaks to us about his work.

I use a language where freedom is reflected primarily in the use of composition and chromatics, representing expressive situations that do not refer to a known, similar model or to photographed scenes from our reality. There are as many universes and situations in them as life and its surprises, for an always naive man who transgresses restlessly. Some get lost in these labyrinths without finding the end in this type of artistic representation.

The result of the creation was possible through the analysis of various previous formal representation forms that I used as a subject of expression and deferred much to what I currently manifest and dedicate in them practically. I give total importance to the life that I have to live, to this insular space full of discussions and rebellion, to all its moments of change, to fill many spaces in our lives and canvases with other themes that differ from those of today in this crazy and daring career, representing something very valued and pure with the passion that inspires each moment and in every space represented.

I always feel the need to create art, and when I do, it is very enjoyable, and I dedicate many hours to this activity. Even though I may feel tired from so many dedicated hours, I enjoy the work process that almost works automatically, as if someone else were helping and were another conspirator who dictates the ideas and good energies that I advocate in each square area composed of gestures and pure colors.

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