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2 fairs and exhibitions

Fairs and Collective Exhibitions

2010 RED DOT Art Fair, Art Basel Week, Miami Florida, USA.


2010 FIARTE FAIR, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

2009 “83 Reasons” 3 paintings of the selected artists: Esteban Leyva, Adigio Benitez and Ever Fonseca and 80 pictures of cuban photographers dedicated to 83 Fidel Castro´s birthday and the Culture National Day, Carmen Montilla Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


2009 INTERNATIONAL EXPO COLLECTIVE “Each one is his PANAMA II.” Panama City, Panama.


2009 ArtMadrid CONTEMPORANY ART FAIR, Madrid Spain.

2009 X Havana Biennial “All Star” Collage Havana, Hotel Melia Cohiba, Havana, Cuba.

2009 X Havana Biennial Exhibition of Abstract. Havana, Cuba.


2008 Permanent Collection National Library, José Martí, Havana.Cuba


2008 Auction Exhibition San Felipe, Panama City. Republic of Panamá.


2008 IAFA International Association of Fine Art. SEÚL KOREA.


2007 Exhibition Landscapes, La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

2007 50th Anniversary MURAL “PERMANENT WORK” Habana Libre Hotel. Havana, Cuba. 2007 The book “From the loneliness and hope” with the work for freedom Illustration

2007 Exhibition “WE ARE WHAT WE ARE” Provincial Gallery, Ciego de Ávila, Camaguey, Cuba. 2007 Exhibition “Eating monsters” Au Grand Palais, Paris, Francia.


2006 Exhibition “Greetings to the Cuban Culture Day”, Hotel Habana Libre, Havana, Cuba. 2006 IX Havana Biennial, Santa Clara Convent, Havana, Cuba.

2006 IX Havana Biennial “We are what we are”, Gallery El Morro, City of Havana, Cuba.

2006 IX Havana Biennial Manual "GENERAL ELECTRIC", Havana, Cuba.


2006 ArtMadrid CONTEMPORANY ART FAIR, Madrid, SPAIN. 2005 Exhibition for the Interdicyplinary Fundation group “WE ARE WHAT WE ARE”, MORRO GALLERY, Havana, Cuba.

2004 ‘’ART Cologne’’ Feria Internacional de Arte, Clogne, Germani.

2003 ARCO, International Contemporany Art Fair. MADRID Espain.

2003 ´´Cuban Art Contemporany Exhibition´´, Planet Discovery, LIBANO, Israel.

2003 Estampa Con la siempre Habana, Madrid, Espain.

2002 ‘’Cuban¨s Colors’’ Royal Commenwealth Society, Londres, England.

2002 Collective Exhibition of “Cuban painters artists forming" International Gallery Hotel Comodoro, Havana, Cuba.

2001 Collective exhibition International Salón Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.


1999 "Small format exhibition" The Bohenme Gallery, Coral Gables,

Florida, USA.


1999 "Lounge 99" Servando Cabrera Moreno Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


1998 "Happy for you, happy for me" alternative at Art Salon II Contemporary, Gallery Arzuaga, Havana, Cuba.


1995 "New spatial concept" Logos Gallery, Ibiza, Spain.


1993 "Painting and Design Hall" Servando Cabrera Moreno Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 1991 "Exhibition" La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


1991 "Hall mini box" Gallery CID # 3, Madrid, Spain. 1991 "IV Havana Biennial" Pan Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 1989 "Latin American Artists Drawing" Marti Studies Center, New York, USA.

1987 "Contest July 26" National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.


1987 "Contest March 13" Gallery L. University of Havana, Havana, Cuba.


1986 "Contest March 13" Gallery L. University of Havana, Havana, Cuba.


1986 "Teachers' Lounge" Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba.


1986 "Presence Contest March 13 at the II Havana Biennal" Gallery L. University of Havana, Hall Award, Havana, Cuba.


1985 "Salon of Young Artists" University of Havana, Havana, Cuba.


1985 "Exhibition of art school professors" National Art School (ENA), Havana, Cuba.


1984 "I Havana Biennal" Galiano Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


1984 "Living Landscapes" Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana.


1983 "City Hall" Development Center of Visual Arts, Havana. Cuba.


1983 "Per la Libertad" Travelling exhibition in Italy, Switherland, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany and Denamark. Sponsored by the International League for the Protection and Release of Prisoners of Conscience. One of the artist's work was acquired by the then President of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Sandro Pertini.

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